Check out tofugu's resource list. :) It's awesome.

Kana and Kanji

RealKana is easy to use and you can boot it up any time. You can select rows of kana to learn and practice.

Memrise is great for learning anything. I've learn a lot of kanji in a short time from this. This blog won't use kanji until they are introduced. If you find N5 kanji that's a good place to start.


This site is amazing for grammar. It goes through it all in a logical order and is easy to remember and well explained. My only gripe is that it uses romaji, but no biggie, you can just put it in kana yourself.

Conjugates verbs for you!

Verb table.


This is great because it has tons of Japanese natives on it; in return, you can correct their english. It's a great blogging site.

This has a bunch of good audio lessons that are also free!


A good dictionary, although it can bring up an absolute ton of words you won't need and the word you do need can easily get lost. But it does have mostly everything.

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